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Sparomatik Dispenser System

Maximizing productivity is the best available business lever for impacting bottom line profitability.

The Sparomatik helps in achieving increased productivity.

50% to 60% of the vehicles serviced In the workshop are of periodic maintenance I.e engine oil and oil filters change.

Suppose you change nil in 40 cars per day In your workshop, then you save 400 minutes. this is equivalent to 1 man day. If you lose one man day, it is equivalent to one technician's salary (Rs.5000) and the income generated by him, For example a technicians services 3 cars a day and average income on each car Is Rs.1500, you lose Rs.4500 per day (therefore per month 4500 x30 days=1, 35,000).

The sparomatik helps you earn this. The spares are stored and delivered at the bay. The storekeeper Issues the Job card with the type and quantity of the spares requited, from the application software Installed In the stores computer. All the technician has to do Is, to punch In the Job card, Identify himself with the RFID card provided. The equipment crosschecks the authenticity of both the job card and the technician, and dispenses the spare pan. This information is relayed to the store computer.The sparomatik comes In different sizes. It can store up to 125 to 250 spate parts. If more spares are required, they also can be provided