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Electronic Tyre Pressure

Protech introduces the new space age electronic tyre pressure gouge for the first time in India with technical know how from U.S A In the current automobile market most of the automobiles are fitted with state of the art suspension system To get excellent performance of the automobile accurate tyre pressure is mandatory. Protech's electronic tyre pressure gauge provides the required accuracy as suggested by the tyre manufacturers

Protech's electronic tyre pressure gauge once installed at your centre, you need not frequently calibrate or replace it as is the case with traditional analog gauges. Protech's electronic gauge pays for itself in the long run because analog gauges require frequent replacements and are unreliable Even after measuring the tyre pressure in more than 5 lakhs tyres, the performance of Protech's electronic tyre pressure gauge remains the same. It is absolutely maintenance free and weather resistant.

Product Specifications

  • Accuracy : ± 1 PSI
  • Measuring Range: 0— 150 PSI
  • Display (1 inch) : Super Bright LED
  • Dimensions in mm: 210(h) x 164(w) x 65(d)


  • Automobile Show Rooms
  • Wheel Alignment Centers
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Transport Corporations
  • Automobile Service Centers
  • Tyre Show Rooms, etc.,